Hi there. The name of this blog is meant to muddle our thoughts about the certainty of the lines of gender and sexuality we deploy to ‘identify’ ourselves.  My hope is to provoke thoughts about simultaneity and fluidity which are capable of upsetting our convictions by compelling us to face the realities which we think we flush into finality. Yes, I may be that cocky to think I can do all that without a ‘quibble’, but I promise you, I’m also terrifically humble and I hope you will make abundant and insightful comments at will.

I’m originally from Boston. I attended a small, conservative Catholic college. I moved to Belfast, Northern Ireland and am now doing my PhD in Manchester, England.

I created this blog in order to have a space to voice my varied and (often) unconventional thoughts about sexuality, violence, gender, sex, culture, Green Politics, human rights, recognition, the post-human, philosophy, and general political theory.

Please, enjoy.


One comment

  1. Emma · September 14, 2014

    Interesting points Sara!

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